Louis Lapat

Louis wrote, shot, animated and edited this film. His previous short film, Depression, was screened at a dozen film festivals and received DVD distribution. Louis was awarded a MFA in film directing from Columbia University.

Consultants/Editing Supervisors:

Eric Mendelsohn

Eric helped get this film off of the ground. He teaches film directing at Columbia University. He also directed the Sundance award winning Judy Berlin.

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor helped build the underlying structure to the film. He is most well known for creating the Unsolved Mysteries series. He has also worked on Little People, Big World, TV Land Myths & Legends and has directed many successful TV Series.

Flavia Fontes

Flavia is credited with Supervising Editor on the film. She has been making award-winning documentaries for fifteen years. You can read her full bio on her website.

Chris White

Chris helped with the final stages of editing. He has edited many feature length documentaries including films shown on Sundance and TV. Check out his homepage for his full bio.

Zach Horvet

Zach helped steer much of the direction, did location sound and consulted on the early edits.

Kurt Engfer, editor of Micheal Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, and Yana Gorskaya, editor of Oscar Nominated Spellbound also provided much appreciated consultation.

Music Composition:

Nadim Issa

Nadim currently plays keyboard for the indy rock band Mancino which have been featured in Spin Magazine and dozens of other Music publications. Songs from their two albums Manners Matter and Dear International are featured in the film. In addition, Nadim wrote original compositions for much of the music in the film.

Sound Design:

Force Theory Productions did sound design and music for the Oscar nominated film Jesus Camp and also Favela Rising. For more information check out their website.

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